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The album is a gathering of six of my amazing musical colleagues along with three well known composers who have written beautiful music specifically for my new album.  Composers are the Grammy nominated, Canadian flutist and composer Ron Korb, flutist/composer/arranger Dmitriy Varelas from Toronto, and award winning pianist and composer from Italian TV Maurizio Balzola. 

Joining me on the album are the very talented Kristin Johnson Dabaghian, pianist, Jessica Davila, soprano, Kristy Chmura, harp, Darren O'Neill, guitar, Gerall Heiser, cello and Steve Markoff, flute, alto flute and Executive Producer.


Works included on the album are by Gary Schocker, Carlos Franzetti,  Daniel Dorff, Ron Korb, Dmitriy Varelas, Maurizio Balzola, Astor Piazzolla, Guilio Caccini (Vladimir Vavilov),  Domingo  Semenzato, Takashi Yoshimatsu, John Playford and Maria-Therese von Paradis.


Some interesting and fun facts about the album include –

  1.  We have the first and only recorded version of “Oblivion” by Piazzolla sung in Italian by my wonderful daughter Jessica Davila on this album.  

  2. As Ron Korb was writing "Woodland Sonatine" for the album, he was visiting his friend the noted headjoint and flute maker, Goeffrey Ellis who lives near the Redwood Forests of California.  Ron was inspired by his walks through the magnificent area playing the wooden headjoints that they were working on together.  On the recording of "Woodland Sonatine", my flute partner Steve Markoff and I are playing the wooden headjoints designed by Ron and Goeffrey.  


This will be my 9th album – and the most personal and dear to my heart.  The concept for the album belongs to my Mom.   She is my greatest fan and supporter and she is so well loved by our family.  It was her concept to gather several of my wonderful musical colleagues, including the luminous soprano, my daughter Jessica Davila, on one album as a celebration of the joy I feel when we are all playing together.    My mother and my father both suffer from macular degeneration as did her parents.  In dedication to their life journey, a portion of the proceeds of this album will be donated to the Macular Degeneration Research Institute in addition to the Randolph Animal Shelter.   With your generosity and giving, we can help eradicate this disease from impairing people's lives and save the lives of beautiful animals as well....


I am so happy that my CD Release Show is coming up soon!   Here is all the info


Sunday, November 4, 2018  3:30 pm

My CD RADIANCE Release Show

Unitarian Society of Ridgewood

113 Cottage Place, Ridgewood, NJ 

This concert will celebrate the release of my new CD Radiance!  We will perform works from the album in addition to some fun surprises!  Performers include Steve Markoff - flute and alto flute, Kristin Dabaghian Johnson - piano, Jessica Davila - soprano, Darren O'Neill - guitar, Jennifer Green - cello. 

For Tickets and more available information, click here:  


Please join us!  Proceeds partially benefit the Macular Degeneration Foundation and the Randolph Animal Shelter.


To purchase a CD or individual tracks please visit:    


The Story of my new CD - "Radiance"

I have dedicated my life to fluting, performing, teaching and expressing my talents to bless and bring beauty to people's lives. 


My new album "Radiance" is intended to celebrate new creation, transformation - to bring out the beauty of your most Radiant Self!  The music performed on the album encompasses the vast array of emotions of these aspects of being You! 

"Velvet Waltz" - Takashi Yoshimatsu