"Serenata" - Carlos Franzetti

Patricia's 9th studio album "Radiance"  was released in June of 2018 to outstanding reviews.  This personal and spiritually enchanting album features 3 commissioned works for the album in addition to works by composers creating and thriving in the music world.   It is celebration of new creations and transformation!  

Reviews of the album proclaim:  “a great range of pieces with varying instrumentation, but in each case the flute sings and soars” .... “it’s great to hear new works that have a tonal basis and a melodic richness”... “performed with superb intonation, a great sense of tempo & dynamics and with a great interpretive sense”... “very well done & really great to listen to”.  "How wonderful to hear you play! You have the MOST beautiful tone. Thanks for sharing your Light!".... Brava complimenti!!!!..... Impeccable! ......Beautiful!!!

Click here for information about the CD and to order a CD or individual tracks.  https://lazzararadiance.hearnow.com/


Patricia also ​collaborated with Steve Markoff on the 2019 CD release of "Timeless" - a collection of the most famous and beloved cover tunes of rock and pop classics.  In 2020 Steve and Patricia recorded "Romances in Blue" - the story of a love affair.


To read reviews of the duo, to purchase an album or a single please visit: https://lazzarkoff.hearnow.com